New Location for Annual MACA Convention!

The Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) and Associate Executive Director Stacy Schroeder have graciously agreed to host this year's MACA convention on September 24, 2012. A map to MSHSAA headquarters at 1 North Keene Street in columbia is attached.

2012 State Tournament Individual Medalists

Class 1
Paul Grant, Mound City, 25.4/game
Justin Brown, Thomas Jefferson, 14.0
John Semlitsch, Columbia Independent, 12.5
Kevin Hengemuehle, Northeast, 11.67
Brady McCaskey, Polo, 9.5
Tyler Davison, St. Joseph Christian, 6.4
Aaron Schmidt, St. Joseph Christian, 4.4
Clayton Woolery, Thomas Jefferson, 4.25

Class 2
Luke Voyles, Twin Rivers, 15.0
Aidan Coyle, Barstow, 13.6
Sam Miller, Richland, 10.0
Blake Roberts, College Heights, 8.0
Rebecca Marvin, Barstow, 7.0
Nathan McFeeters, Fordland, 7.0
Josh Keller, Scotland, 6.67

2012 MACA Conference September 23-24

The annual MACA Conference will happen on September 23-24, 2012, in Columbia. All coaches and sponsors (especially new coaches and sponsors!)are encouraged to attend. The Missouri State High School Activities Association will tentatively “host,” providing conference and breakout rooms for the Monday sessions, thanks to the generous intercession of MSHSAA Associate Executive Director Stacy Schroeder. That means that planning for next year begins, and the window of opportunity opens for volunteers who have new ideas (or even old ones) for presenting breakout sessions.

Northwest Missouri Invitational

Tournament Details
North Andrew HS/West Nodaway HS
Field cap: 
Fees and discounts: 

$40 per team (Varsity/JV)
$5 buzzer discount (one time)
$10 question packets

Question Set Details
Question Set or Provider: 
Rachelle Lawlor
Question Format: 
15/Lightning/10/10 w/bonus

We would like this to be a smaller school tournament, so please only 3A and below. I have 6 confirmed entries right now, with 2 more possible. First come first serve.

Thank you

Nicholas White

2011 MACA Honorees

2011 Coaches of the Year

  • Class 1 — David Reiter, Mound City
  • Class 2 — Roger Stephens, Richland
  • Class 3 — Melissa Ross, Savannah
  • Class 4 — Lisa Crawford and Mike Hill, Ladue Horton Watkins

2010-11 Carol Farmer Founder's Award

  • Bart Mitchell, North County
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