Marshall High School Novice Tournament

01/23/2016 08:30
01/23/2016 08:30
Tournament Details
Marshall High School
Fees and discounts: 

1st team is $50; second team is $45 (please bring a responder system)

Question Set Details
Question Set or Provider: 
Marshall High School Varsity Team writes the questions, lightning rounds, and worksheets
Question Format: 
Round 1--toss-ups (10pts each); Round 2--lightning round; Round 3--toss-ups with five 3-part bonuses (all questions 10 pts each); Round 4--team worksheet (20 questions at 10 pts each); Round 5--remaining toss-ups from Round 3 at 20 pts each

Reminder: Question sets are frequently used at multiple tournaments throughout the state. You are responsible for ensuring that your school attends only one tournament using a particular question set!

As we did last year, first-year sophomore (may not have played at all during freshman year) players may fill out a freshman team that is short of four players. No team shall be a majority of sophomores.

Audrey Connor