Regular tournaments open to teams of all experience levels.

Missouri S&T Spring Tournament

Tournament Details
Missouri S&T
Field cap: 
24 (tentatively)
Fees and discounts: 

Base fee for first team: $70
Base fee for second and subsequent teams: $65
Moderator discount: $30 discount for each competent moderator your school brings (more info below)
Buzzer discount: $5 discount for each working buzzer system your school brings
Buzzer borrowing discount: $5 discount if we have borrowed your buzzer for an intercollegiate event
Alumnus discount: $5 discount if your school has an alumnus on the Missouri S&T team
Travel discount: $5 discount for every 100 miles your school traveled to the tournament (one-way, as determined by Google Maps)
Early registration discount: $5 discount if your registration is received before February 6, 2010

Question Set Details
Question Set or Provider: 
Question Format: 
Modified Missouri format

This tournament will use a modification of the standard Missouri format, in order to allow teams to play more games and face a wider variety of opponents. Each game will still have four quarters, and each quarter will contain eight tossups, for a total of thirty-two. Tossups answered correctly in the second and fourth quarters will be followed by bonuses as normal.

Matt Chadbourne

Missouri State Bear Bowl

Tournament Details
Missouri State University
Fees and discounts: 

first team from each school: $55
second team: $50
third and each subsequent team: $40

Discounts: - $5 for each working buzzer system brought (limit three per school)

Question Set Details
Question Set or Provider: 
Mirror of University of Georgia's Classic City Classic
Question Format: 
20 tossup/bonus

NOTE: This tournament was rescheduled from 1/30/2010 due to inclement weather.

Missouri State University will be hosting a varsity academic tournament on Saturday, February 20, 2010. This tournament will be a mirror of the Classic City Classic set written by the quiz bowl team at the University of Georgia, and games will consist of twenty tossups worth ten points each and bonuses worth thirty points each. Tentatively, the top two teams in the field will qualify for the PACE NSC. Each team will be guaranteed at least nine matches.

Jason Loy



Hosted by Washington University in St. Louis


Missouri S&T Fall Tournament


The Missouri S&T Fall Tournament will be held on December 12, 2009, on the lovely campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. For more information and registration instructions, see the full tournament announcement at

Matt Chadbourne

Spirit of St. Louis Warm-up


Contact: Paul Nelson (penforprez AT gmail DOT com)

This will be an early-season NAQT event using standard NAQT rules (pyramidal questions, neg-5's for incorrect early buzzes, 15 points instead of 10 for correct early answers, and 30-point bonuses with no rebounding), and will serve as a qualifier for NAQT nationals in Chicago in May 2010. 16-team cap unless staffing allows for a larger field.

Fee structure:

First team base fee: $60
Second (and subsequent) team fee: $55
Buzzer discount: -$5
Distance discount (for teams traveling more than 200 miles one way): -$10

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