Hallsville Invitational VI

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Field cap
Fees and discounts

base fee (first team from each school): $70
second or subsequent teams: $65
travel discount (100 miles or more one way): -$5 per team
buzzer discount (must work for eight players; limit two per school): -$5

Question Set or Provider
Question Format

This tournament will feature the twenty tossup/bonus format using the DEFT set by Darien HS. (This set is also being used at the Piasa Bird Invite on 1/13/18. So if you are attending that tournament you won't be able to attend this one.) Games consist of twenty tossups worth ten points each followed by non-rebounding bonuses worth up to thirty points. Tossups will feature "powers" (additional points awarded for correct buzzes very early in the question) and "negs" (five point deductions for incorrect answers before the question is finished).

We anticipate using two full round robins in the morning and afternoon with an advantaged final to decide the champion depending on the number of teams registered.
We will also be limiting teams to a maximum of six players, but you may sign up as many teams as you wish. We are currently capping the field at 18 but may expand if we can acquire enough tournament personnel to host a larger field but still ensure a quality tournament.

Contact Name
Scott Allen