MACA Constitution




The name of the organization shall be the Missouri Academic Coaches Association (hereinafter MACA).



MACA's primary purpose will be to encourage and further academic competition in the state of Missouri.

MACA members shall support the Missouri State High School Activities Association in the conduct of the state academic tournament.

MACA shall encourage good sportsmanship and ethical behavior in academic competition.

MACA shall support and promote excellence in academic competition by encouraging and assisting coaches and their players by:

  1. providing medals for the top eight outstanding players in each district tournament competition and the state tournament competition for each of the classes as designated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association
  2. recognizing the coaches of the winning teams of each class in the state competition by providing suitable plaques to that effect
  3. recognizing individuals who have made significant life time contributions to the development and promotion of academic competition in Missouri. This recognition shall be in the form of the Carol Farmer Founders Award in acknowledgement of that individuals’ contribution to Missouri academic competition and establishing the foundations of MACA. This award shall be on an “as appropriate” basis and may have more than one recipient in the same year


MACA shall be a non-profit corporation, incorporated in accordance with the laws of the state of Missouri.



Section 1. Eligibility

All Missouri academic coaches and others interested in promoting excellence in academic competition are eligible for membership in MACA.

Section 2. Dues

Annual membership dues shall be 20.00 per person. Dues may be changed to any appropriate amount by majority vote of the members of MACA in attendance at the annual convention.



Section 1. Membership of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers of the organization.

Section 2. Authority

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to:

  1. Establish and monitor the implementation of policies for the governance and operation of MACA.
  2. Propose amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of MACA.
  3. Approve the budget and oversee the financial management of MACA.
  4. Act as a nominating committee for the slate of officers to be elected at the annual meeting of MACA.
  5. Contract for and organize an annual convention.
  6. Perform any function specifically set out by the Constitution and Bylaws and any other function necessary to the operation of MACA but not specifically set herein.



Section 1. Office and Title

The officers of MACA shall consist of a President, [First] Vice-President, [Second Vice-President] Newsletter Editor , Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. Duties
  1. President: The duties of the president shall consist of presiding at all official functions including the annual convention, appointing members to committees, and representing the members of MACA at Missouri State High School Activities Association meetings in regards to the district and state academic team competitions. More specific duties for the president include, but are not limited to, making arrangements for and planning the fall convention and awarding medals to the all-state team.
  2. [First] Vice-President: The duties of the First Vice-President shall consist of presiding at all functions of MACA in the absence of the President and other such duties as the President may assign. Specific additional duties shall include sending out all-district medals across the state. [The Vice-President position shall be recognized as the President-Elect for the next year and shall assume responsibilities at the business meeting at the annual convention.]
  3. [Second Vice-President] Newsletter Editor: The duties of the Newsletter Editor shall consist of assisting the President in establishing
    and maintaining communications with the membership of MACA, including responsibility for sending newsletters to all member [and any other such duties as the President may assign]. A newsletter shall be sent in the summer to all schools to notify them about MACA and upcoming events, and another shall be sent in the fall after the MACA convention to all MACA members.
  4. Secretary: The duties of the Secretary shall consist of maintaining all the official records of MACA, recording the minutes of all official meetings, answering e-mail correspondence, and making sure the website is maintained. All official minutes and financial statements must be presented at the annual convention for examination and approval by the membership of MACA.
  5. Treasurer: The duties of the Treasurer shall be collecting dues and fees, paying financial obligations, and meeting the legal obligations of the organization as may be required by state or federal agencies. All official financial statements must be presented at the annual convention for examination and approval by the membership of MACA. The Treasurer shall send the official list of paid members to the Secretary.
Section 3. Terms of Officers

Each elected and/or appointed officer of MACA will serve a term of two [one] year. Each individual may stand for reelection or reappointment.

Section 4. Election

A slate of officers will be presented at each convention for the approval by MACA membership. Nominations may be made from the floor with the prior approval of the individual being nominated. A simple majority of the MACA members present shall be required to approve officers and changes in the bylaws.

Section 5: Vacancy

If a vacancy occurs in any elected office throughout any given term of office, the President will propose a replacement to the Executive Committee for their approval by majority vote. The replacement will hold office for the remainder of the term. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the First Vice-President shall assume the office.

Section 6: Eligibility

All elected or appointed officers shall be dues-paying members of MACA.



Section 1. By the Membership

MACA members may file in writing with the Executive Committee proposed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws on or before September 15 of each year. The Executive Committee shall by majority vote of those present or by mail ballot determine which proposals will be submitted at the annual Convention for approval by the membership.

Section 2. Vote Necessary

Proposed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws of MACA shall be discussed and voted on at the annual meeting. Approval shall be by a majority vote of the members present.

(Changes made at the 2005 convention are included above. Items in bold were added, items in brackets were removed.)